The Loch Sheldrake Fire District consists of five publicly-elected officials, the Board of Fire Commissioners, each of whom serves a five year term. Much like the volunteer firefighters we work with, we are not paid to serve as Commissioners. It is our responsibility to provide the necessary apparatus, buildings and equipment needed to assist the Loch Sheldrake Fire Department in the fire and rescue activities that are essential for the protection of life and property within the Loch Sheldrake Fire District. It is also our responsibility to operate the Loch Sheldrake Fire District in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. 

Chairperson- Ben Campanaro

Co-Chairperson- Larry Kramer

Steve Burke
Dan Berkowicz
Shawn T. Edwards

Secretary- Paige Bakken
Treasurer - Marlene Dausch

The board meets on a monthly basis, to oversee the operation of the Fire District and to make policies and procedures under which the Fire District, the Fire Department, and the Loch Sheldrake Fire Company operate. We remain keenly aware of the fiduciary responsibility we hold in representing the taxpayers within our Fire District. 

As Commissioners, we are mandated to follow a strict formula in preparing the budget in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, including specified spending limits. Our process is a public one, and we welcome the input of the residents and taxpayers we represent in the Loch Sheldrake Fire District.

The Board of Fire Commissioners meet every 2nd Thursday at the Firehouse.



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